Does Not

We were walking into the Children’s Museum when my phone rang. It wasn’t a number I had saved but it looked familiar. As soon as I realized who the number belonged to, the phone stopped ringing. It was the Genetics Clinic. The call was about Laine.

My heart was racing. I couldn’t call them back now. We were entering the museum. Conor was ready to play. I looked down at Laine in the stroller. I had to call the clinic back. I couldn’t stand not knowing for one more second.

I burst into tears as the genetic counselor read Laine’s results. Keith was staring at me. He didn’t know who I was talking to. I started nodding. I gave Keith a thumbs up. He still didn’t understand who I was on the phone with or why I was crying. I pointed at Laine. I gave Keith another thumbs up. The genetic counselor was still talking to me but I didn’t hear anything else she said. I wanted to hang up. I wanted to scream. I was shaking.

Laine does not have Fragile X Syndrome. She is not even a carrier.

I called my mom. I could barely get the words out. My mom couldn't hear me over the sound of kids playing in the museum.


“Does? Or doesn’t?”


“Does? Or doesn’t?”


“Does not?”


“Does not!!”


For the first time in nearly 5 months I felt like I could breathe.

XX, Bev