Progress is a hard topic for me to write about. Up until my last post [Bad Dog] everything I have shared on this blog has been written in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep. My mind has an especially hard time shutting down these days and I find myself word vomiting into the notes section on my iPhone at 2 AM (much like I am doing right now). What has come out has been real and raw and usually a little heavy because that’s how life has felt and apparently writing is my therapy.

We have had some really great weeks though. Life has been fun and light and it seems like every day there is a new milestone to celebrate. It feels...

So. Good.

And I’ve been sleeping better and writing less. 

In an effort to lighten up the blog a little bit and document the good times too, I put together a few of Conor’s most recent accomplishments. I was the epitome of a proud mom when I hit post. I couldn’t wait for everyone to read about how great Conor is doing.

But you know what? Progress is harder to write about than the struggles are. I think it's harder to read about too. No one envies the bad stuff. It’s easy to cry along with a blog that is heavy and dark. Maybe it helps us feel less alone because we all face tough shit?

As I’ve already admitted, I am the queen of comparison. But I’m slowly learning that I can’t compare Conor’s successes to anyone else. Progress takes many forms and one thing doesn’t minimize the next. I am working hard to recognize his progress no matter how different it starts to look and I hope I can find the right balance between sharing the good and the bad. Because it would be a hard life if we only shared our struggles, but we can’t pretend it’s all a highlight reel either.

XX, Bev